Wilma Ellis Kazemzadeh: Champion of Oneness and Human Rights

"My eighth-grade teacher taught us as if eighth grade would be our last year of school." Yet she earned a Ph.D., became a leader in higher education, and served at the United Nations and across the world in the service of justice, human dignity, and love for every person.

Wilma Ellis Kazemzadeh - A series of oral history videos in which Dr. Kazemzadeh recounts her experiences with racism and how she has addressed racial issues in her own life. Click on the link and, when the new page opens, scroll down the page to find all the videos.
The Barber's Diaries - Dr. Kazemzadeh's father, Charles Everett Ellis, was a remarkable man. He kept a diary spanning some 47 years of his life, recording his experiences, thoughts, and his observations—from the weather, to people, to war, and many things in between. Dr. Kazemzadeh, and her sister, Dr. Adrienne Ellis Reeves, are working on a documentary about his life, as revealed in his diaries.
Display Honors Altamont's Historic Family - Dr. Kazemzadeh was born in Altamont, Illinois, a child in the only black family in a white farming community. Their family is now recognized for its historic contributions to the community over several generations.
And a few songs expressing the spirit that has inspired Dr. Kazemzadeh's service to humanity...Gimme One World - Trinidadian singer, Kiskadee, and the Voices of Bahá in Caracas, Venezuela. L'opportunité de servir (The Opportunity to Serve) - Baha'i Voices of Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo). We Have Come to Sing Praises - Van Gilmer, Eric Dozier, Emily Price, Shadi Toloui-Wallace and choir.