Utagawa Hiroshige: Lose Yourself In These Magnificent Woodblock Prints

Utagawa Hiroshige created worlds in his prints that, although depicting simple worldly scenes, transport us into an entirely new and wondrous reality. Come along, let go of the world you think is there, and look again with another lens.

Considered the last great master of traditional Japanese woodblock printing, Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858) was an influential figure, not only in Japan, but in Western art as well. Monet, Whistler, Cézanne, and van Gogh are known to have taken inspiration from his work. As a prolific artist, his work can be found in museums across the world.

The Woodblock Prints of Utagawa Hiroshige - This website devoted to Hiroshige offers a wonderful overview of his work. Click on the various links to open the different series of this prints. Look around and enjoy! A few of my personal favorites are below. Click on either the link, or the image, and you'll be able to view the entire series of prints to which that particular work belongs.
Hakone: View of the Lake
Rough Sea at Naruto in Awa Province
Kinryūzan Temple, Asakusa
Musashi Plain
Night Snow
Autumn Moon at Ishiyama Temple
500 Japanese Woodblock Prints from Van Gogh’s Collection Are Now Available to Download - As a bonus, explore the the impact that Hiroshige had upon Van Gogh, and view his extensive collection of Japanese prints.