The World In Faces

For his stunning World In Faces project, Alexander Khimushin, a Russian photographer, has traveled the remote corners of the globe photographing the beauty and diversity of humanity.

The World In Faces: A Gallery - For a quick taste of the gorgeous faces this photographer has captured, click on the link. When the new page opens, 71 of the photos are viewable in the slideshow at the top of the page.
Alexander Khimushin presentation - This is a PDF of a presentation by Mr. Khimushin describing the World In Faces project in detail. Scroll through pages to see the vast diversity of the people he photographed and learn more of the backstory of the project and photos.
This Photographer Traveled to 84 Countries to Share the Faces of People Around the World - Although this is simply another article about the World In Faces project, I'm including it because it offers a good quick click-through portfolio of some of the photographs.