The Pale Blue Dot, Home of Humanity.

Earth, the pale blue dot traveling through space; the only home we've ever known. Some reflections on that...

The Pale Blue Dot - Image of Earth captured by NASA Voyager spacecraft from 3.7 billion miles away, on 14 February 1990. Earth appears as a tiny dot halfway down the orange stripe on the right. From Voyager's great distance, our home planet appears as a mere point of light, a pale blue dot. Candice Hansen-Koharcheck, one of the two scientists who developed the software commands that made the photo possible, recalls that when she first saw the image of Earth her work had enabled, "It was just a little dot...not very large...You know, I still get chills down my back because here was our planet, bathed in this ray of light, and it just looked incredibly special."
Carl Sagan Unveils The Pale Blue Dot Image (1990) - Sagan, who had requested NASA to turn Voyager's camera and take the image of Earth, had the pleasure of unveiling the image to the public and describing what the Pale Blue Dot image meant for himself and for humanity.
The Movement - An upbeat, high-energy call to action: all kinds of actions! This Colby and Awu rap video will get you jumping and moving in a positive direction.
One Tree - Featuring a global collaboration among 88 singers and musicians from 25 countries, this song celebrates all humanity as the 'fruit of one tree,' with an innate oneness, a bond that unites us all.
La Fuerza del Amor (The Strength of Love) - A song that rises from the strength of love and consciousness of our common humanity.
What If You Really Could Change The World? - This short film, animating the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jody Williams, illustrates the message that everyone has power to make change.
The Golden Rule - This brief video illustrates the reality that all the world's religions and ethical systems share a common belief in reciprocity and love.