The Other-Worldly Beauty And Stunning Variety Of Rainbows

Rainbows are among nature's most beautiful and ethereal sights! Here's a salute to these steadfast and gorgeous symbols of "better days a-coming." Oh, and there's some unexpected surprises about them as well!

24 Brilliant Pictures of Rainbows Around the World - One of nature's most colorful, and variable, attractions puts on quite a show in these photos. See also, this gallery of photos exploring the different types of rainbows.
What Makes A Rainbow Red? - Yes, rainbows can be only one color, including red! And, rainbows can also be pure white.
Sundogs and Rainbows - A sundog is similar to a rainbow, and more common...
Fire Rainbows - These stunning, and very rare, beauties aren't really rainbows, but they appear to be!
17 Wonderfully Curious Facts About Rainbows - The history and science of rainbows is as interesting as they are lovely to view!
Skydiving Above a Double Full Circle Rainbow - Incredible video of skydivers falling toward a rainbow from above it, making it possible to see the entire circle of the rainbow! The link I'm providing picks up the video when the skydivers first see the rainbow, skipping all the time in the airplane, etc. beforehand. And, if you liked that, here's another lovely video of a full circle rainbow, taken by a ground-based drone.
How Do Rainbows Form? - Although you may know that refracted light causes the rainbow phenomenon, this 3-minute video fills in the scientific details behind that basic concept. Note: The science in that video provides the background for LaVar Burton to pick up the story and explain How Double Rainbows Form.