The Beauty Of Traditional Clothing Across The Globe And Its Contemporary Fashions

Exploring dress and fashion in different cultures has the power to provoke admiration and inspiration, to stimulate reflection and challenge stereotypes, and to bring us to a deeper level of understanding about the world and ourselves.

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Native Fashion Now: Walking Gracefully and Lightly - An exhibition of creations done by contemporary Native fashion designers.
"Navajo" on the Runway: A Look at the Last Five Years of Cultural Appropriation in Fashion - In this 23-minute video, Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) discusses cultural appropriation and stereotypes of Native peoples in fashion.
How 6 Indigenous Designers Are Using Fashion to Reclaim Their Culture - These indigenous designers in North America are using their collections to spotlight cultural activism and grassroots movements.
Avoiding Cultural Appropriation on Halloween - Indigenous cultures and clothing are not costumes, and certain Halloween costumes simply represent harmful stereotypes.