The Assumptions We Make: Six Short Films

These short films explore the assumptions we make about other people and how these assumptions affect our beliefs and expectations about others.

Different - This heart-moving 5-minute film explores what happens when a deaf girl comes across a boy who is paralyzed from the waist-down, and neither knows the other has a disability.
What Can You Learn About a Person Without Seeing Them? | Reverse Assumptions - This 6-minute film shows the results of an experiment. What assumptions do people make about another person, based solely on the sound of their voice in answering a few questions, without ever actually seeing them, and how accurate are those assumptions?
An Occurrence at Arverne - Without explicitly mentioning any assumptions people make about others, this 7-minute film stimulates a variety of different, even conflicting, assumptions and expectations about what is happening. Content note: Brief off-color language.
Pozole - When a young Mexican-American woman explains to the family matriarch that she is a vegetarian, the shock is so great that the elderly woman falls dead. Despite this morbid beginning, the 10-minute film uses comedy to explore how differing cultural assumptions, within the same family, lead to quite different expectations. Whether or not one feels the resolution offered by the film is the best possibility, the story itself casts light on assumptions and how they affect perceptions and behavior. Spanish-English soundtrack, with English subtitles at necessary points. Content note: Brief off-color language.
People Define Their Age in One Word - In 4-minutes, this fun little film shows that assumptions we might make about what others think at different ages may be quite mistaken!
Embers - When two mothers, Imani and Destiny, are called to their sons' school and informed that their sons were handcuffed and pepper sprayed, they find themselves not only navigating a racist school administration, but also at odds with each other on how to respond to the situation. The plot thickens when a particularly startling surprise turns up among the many assumptions driving the action. Content note: The issues explored in this 9-minute film are tough, but the theme and tone are not dark.