Super-Sized Music: A Mile-Long Xylophone, Gigantic Wind Harps, And Sea Organs

Gravity, wind, and waves are the musicians playing these enchanting instruments!

I have to admit that this amazing xylophone is my personal favorite of the musical instruments featured today. Incredible creativity and craftsmanship have produced a remarkable version of Bach's famous cantata. Although the project began as a cell phone ad spot, and I don't market products, I think the xylophone is lovely on its own merits, and I offer it in that spirit.

Giant Wooden Xylophone in Japanese Forest Plays the Notes of Bach’s Cantata 147 - Elevated at a slant above the forest floor, a huge xylophone, comprised of hundreds of different-sized pieces of wood, plays Bach’s Cantata 147, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, as a wooden ball rolls across it. Enjoy the 3-minute video of the music being played. Here's more of the backstory on this project, and where you can hear it now: Mile-Long Wooden Xylophone Plays Bach in Japanese Forest.
Aeolus: Interactive Acoustic Wind Pavilion - In Greek mythology, Aeolus is the “Keeper of the Winds.” This project, also called Aeolus, produces beautiful, ethereal tones as air currents pass over it. Click on the link, and when the new page opens, you'll find both a slide show at the top of the page with more photos of the instrument, and also a recording of its sound.
The Largest Wind Harp in the World - Soaring 92 feet into the air, this giant produces its own variety of musical tones in response to the wind.
Aeolian Harp in the Key of G - A smaller, but very tone-ful wind harp!
The Singing, Ringing Tree - Looking like an alien spacecraft, this interesting musical sculpture sounds something like a medieval chorus. Here's a different recording with some additional tones noticeable.
Sea Organ of Zadar - The experience of listening to the tones produced by this wave-powered "organ" is enhanced by glass panels which collect sunlight during the day, then put on an ethereal light show every night as the music plays.
Blackpool High Tide Organ - At high tide, the swelling water pushes air up the sea-wall pipes and causes the organ pipes to sound.