Short Films Exploring The Power Of A Change In Perspective

These evocative short films explore how changes in perspective may bring changes of mind, heart, and action.

Empathy: A Short Film - This film takes the idea of "walking in another person's shoes" to an entirely new place. (2 minutes)
Age of Sail - This beautifully animated, award-winning film tells the story of an old sailor adrift and alone in the North Atlantic. When he rescues a young girl, her view of reality transforms his own. Watch to the end for the full story. (13 minutes)
Joy and Heron - A small dog, Joy, battles a pesky Heron, but a change in perspective flips reality on its head. (4 minutes)
Switch - The poem accompanying this film purposefully casts a negative feeling when the words are read one way, and the opposite feeling when the exact same words are read in reverse. (4 minutes)
An American Story: The Other Tradition - Racial hatred and conflict appear to dominate the story of America, but there is another tradition revealed by a shift in perspective. (5 minutes)
Unity in Diversity - Is it unity, or diversity? In this powerful song, Gordi Munro offers a shift in perspective. (4 minutes)