Short Films Exploring Pathways To Justice & Peace

These evocative short films explore changes in perspective and action that contribute to creating a more just and peaceful world.

Each Daily Cuppa Go post is like a daily newspaper to enjoy with your favorite cuppa. There's a series of related stories on a theme, and just like a newspaper, you can browse as your time and interests lead you.

Unity in Diversity Does Not Mean the Same - Is it unity, or diversity? In this energizing song, Gordi Munro offers a shift in perspective. (4 minutes)
Brazilian, But Not Soccer Player - In this film, which won a United Nations PLURAL+ 2019 award, a young Brazilian takes a humorous approach to challenging viewers to seek understanding of differences. (5 minutes)
ERROR 017 - This poignant film draws on a common human experience to illuminate the absurdity, pain, and confusion that results when one's basic humanity is unacceptable to others. This is a United Nations PLURAL+ 2020 award winner. (2 minutes)
Path's Melody - What are immigrants really all about? Another United Nations PLURAL+ 2020 award winner. (4 minutes)
The Path Home - Indigenous people in Canada offer reflections about the spiritual and social processes involved in revealing the truth of injustice and fostering reconciliation. While this film focuses on the residential schools and related injustices in Canada, the insights are suggestive more generally of pathways to healing humanity's ills and reaching true understanding. (28 minutes)
Layli Miller-Muro: What's Your Calling? - The lawyer who revolutionized US immigration law in the defense of immigrant women's rights and safety, recounts how she found her path of service to human dignity, justice, and unity. (4 minutes)
What Can Be Done About Racism? These Stories Offer Hope. - Racism and racist systems are America's most challenging issues...and perhaps for the world as well. In this powerful series of short oral history videos, Baháʼís from all walks of life, and diverse racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, describe how race and racism affect their lives and what they are doing to engage and transform the situation. There are dozens of interviews...scroll through and find the ones that most speak to you.
Joan Baez & Mercedes Sosa: Gracias A La Vida - Just a beautiful song about the wonders and tests of life that create the music all of us make together. In Spanish, but here's a link to the lyrics translated into English. (6 minutes)