Pies Of The World

Pie is one of humanity's nearly universally-loved foods. If may be sweet or savory, fruity or meaty, fork-able or hand-able, but pie is a favorite around the world. Every continent has great ones!

100 Most Popular Pies in the World - This is a nice look-see at the knockout pies folks enjoy all over the place! Recipes are provided with some, but not all, of the pies. Tip: Skip the bogus popularity contest. Because the "most popular" ranking (surprise, surprise) heavily top-loads the list with European/US pies, scroll through all the pies to experience the other wonderful pies enjoyed in many different cultures around the world.
17 Mouth-Watering Pies from Around the World - From savory to sweet, here's a quick look at well-loved pies across the planet. You'll find a few more to excite your eyes here: 9 Sweet, Savory, and Downright Delicious Pies from Around the World.
Travel the World With Savory Meat Pies: A Global Comfort Food - The focus here is hearty meat pies with flavors from across the globe -- some overlap with other lists in today's post, but also adds some countries missed.
22 Classic Pie Recipes - This is not a world-embracing recipe list, but it does give you instructions for making nearly two dozen great pies.