Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, And The Struggle For Social Justice

Black activist Pauli Murray and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt developed an enduring friendship that changed both of their lives.

The Firebrand and the First Lady, Dr. Patricia Bell-Scott’s groundbreaking book, tells the story of how a brilliant writer-turned-activist, who was the granddaughter of a mixed-race slave, and the first lady of the United States, whose ancestry gave her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, forged an enduring friendship that changed each of their lives, enriched the conversation about race, and added vital fuel to the movement for human rights in America.
“For me, becoming friends with Mrs. Roosevelt was a slow, painful process, marked by sharp exchanges of correspondence, often anger on my side and exasperation on her side, and a gradual development of mutual admiration and respect.” —Pauli Murray, quoted in The Firebrand and the First Lady
PBS interview with Dr. Patricia Bell-Scott providing an overview of Pauli's life and relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt.
Video of one-hour lecture by Dr. Patricia Bell-Scott, detailing the relationship between Pauli Murray and Eleanor Roosevelt.
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