Other-Worldly Video Tours Of The Sun, Earth, And Moon

Outstanding video tours of our home planet, star, and moon. Each revealed in unique perspectives...Enjoy!

Video Highlights of 10 Years Of Solar Activity - This 5-minute high-definition video will leave your eyes popping! You have never seen the sun so up close and personal!
Tour the Moon - Take this 5-minute NASA virtual tour of the Moon in all-new high-definition resolution. See the near side, far side, north and south poles, and interesting features. Includes a visual check-in with the original Apollo lunar lander, its rover, and the rover's tracks across the lunar surface.
Earth From Space Live-Feed - This is the 24/7 live video feed from the International Space Station. Watch Earth pass below in real-time. It's also not unusual to find the astronauts outside working on projects.
ORBIT: A Journey Around Earth in Real Time - This beautiful, ethereal 1.5-hour video takes you on one complete orbit of Earth as seen from the International Space Station.