Indigenous Artists: Creating, Remaking, and Stretching The Visual World

Across the world, indigenous artists are creating beautiful works of art and telling powerful stories.

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists - In this 5-minute video, meet the Hearts of Our People exhibition artists and listen to what they have to say about their art. See their art and learn more about the exhibition here.
The Mexican Indigenous Artists Who are Defying Labels and Stereotypes - The artworks of these young Indigenous graphic storytellers use and embrace their culture in ways you may not expect.
Ainu - Contemporary Indigenous Japanese Artists - Artists of the Ainu people, the original Indigenous inhabitants of Japan and nearby areas of Russia, create contemporary artworks grounded in their cultural vision.
15 Stunning Aboriginal Artworks From Across Canada - Artworks expressing the voices of people who have lived on this land since time immemorial.
Stretching the Canvas - Exhibition of artworks from the collection of the National Museum of the American Indian. This 4-minute video offers a quick, and I do mean quick, walk-through of the exhibition.
How a New Generation of Native American Street Artists Is Leaving Its Mark Across the United States - Native American artists are creating murals, outdoor artworks, and graffiti that is often informed by their heritage, but does not always include typical iconography.
From The People: Indigenous Art Marketplace - From The People is a Native-owned art marketplace organized as a way to help Native peoples regain some of their lost income in the wake of powwows and flea markets shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this short video, you can meet the young founders of the marketplace and learn more about it.
Native Artists Lend Skills to COVID-19 Campaigns - Native artists are getting out the message and making a difference in the pandemic.