Iceland: Epic, Gorgeous, Unearthly.

Iceland is one of Earth's most other-worldly locales. Let's check out its amazingly diverse beauty, explore the country, and learn to make its classic traditional cake: Vínarterta.

Islandia - A 2-minute video tour of the unparalleled beauty of Iceland in all its unearthly glory.
Iceland: Ice & Fire - An eye-popping diversity of landscapes! Ethereal ice caves, blazing lava flows, mind-expanding frozen, icy night skies. Click the link, and when the new page opens, click on any of the photos to open the gallery in a larger viewing size. Breaking News: View the dramatic aerial video of the current eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which began last week.
Iceland - Explore the magical island's dramatic beauty -- its waterfalls, gushing geysers, and rocky terrain.
Unique and Unknown Facts About Iceland - Who knew? Among other interesting things, did you know you can snorkel in a crack between two tectonic plates?
Exquisite Aerial Photos Highlight the Varied Hues of the Icelandic Landscape - From the brilliant blue of glacial rivers, to the compelling yellow of volcanic rivers, Iceland's landscape is a kaleidoscope of color.
Iceland's Volcanic World - Get up close and personal with Iceland's boiling rivers, geysers, and volcanoes in this guided 6-minute video tour.
Vínarterta/Randalín - This layered Icelandic dessert traditionally consists of thin shortbread layers that are coated with rhubarb, prune, strawberry, or apricot.
Vínarterta (recipe #1) and Vínarterta (recipe #2) - This traditional layered cake comes in a variety of styles. Here's two different sets of video instructions on how to create it.