Four Awesome Music Archives To Explore

Over 200,000 rare and classic recordings streaming for free: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul, Folk, Calypso, Fiddle, Gospel, Cajun. Take a listen.

Classic Jazz Online - Over 43,000 classic jazz recordings available for streaming and download.
The Great 78 Project - Currently over 200,000 78 rpm records have been digitized, with more coming. Search and listen to your heart's content.
Juneberry78s Listening Rooms - Jazz, Blues, Folk, Calypso, Fiddle, Gospel, Cajun (1920s-1950s).
Tanzania Heritage Project - The 1960s-80s is considered the 'golden age' of African music, and Tanzania was famed for having one of the most vibrant music scenes of them all. Magnetic tape recordings from those days are being digitized and the music made available for streaming.