Explore Mexico And Make Atole, The Traditional Mexican 'Comfort' Drink

Mexico is a wonderful place to visit, with lots to see, and food that will make you want to stay forever. Atole is one of the traditional drinks and is very common at any time of year.

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Atole/Atol - This traditional drink originated in Mexico and is common all over the country, but also widely enjoyed in many Central American countries.
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Atol de Elote - Some atoles, like this Salvadoran version, are made with fresh corn. Others use corn flour and/or are flavored with spices, fruit, and even chocolate. Regardless of the flavors, corn is the main element that gives atoles their creamy consistency. For a Honduran take on it, see also: Atol de Elote. And, here's one more example from El Salvador, with Salvadoran music to provide background rhythms: Atol de Elote.
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