Eric Dozier's Oral History And Musical Message On Healing Racism And Transforming Humanity

Eric Dozier is a self-described “itinerant blues preacher,” musician, and educator on a mission “to promote healing, justice and racial reconciliation.”

A Change is Gonna Come - Eric Dozier sings a short musical provocation.
Unity Prayer - Eric Dozier's soulful cry for humanity.
Eric Dozier's website.
Experience Eric Dozier's "Music as Message" in this TEDx talk he gave in Atlanta.
Eric Dozier LIVE at the mobileSOULcafé!
Rejoice! Eric Dozier with the One Human Family Choir.
Eric Dozier's Oral History of Racism, Healing, and Transformation of Society - In these nine short videos, Eric Dozier recounts his life-long spiritual journey: from a family of Black preachers, through a racist society, powered by music and a growing spiritual vision of human unity.
How Can We Build Real Relationships? - In this 13-minute video Eric Dozier and Homa Tavangar, Co-Founders at OnenessLab, discuss the 5 Pillars of Real Relations.
A Musical Journey through American Race Relations - Equal parts live performance, lecture, and revival meeting, this Eric Dozier presentation, hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Art, brings home the impact of Black music on American culture, identity, and social progress.