Crossing Barriers: Stunning, Heart-Expanding, Animated Shorts

Award-winning short films from across the globe about crossing generational, cultural, social, and other barriers on the road to understanding and kindness.

Hamsa - This beautifully-done, multi-award-winning film looks at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of a young Jewish Israeli girl, who leads her mother to a lesson in humanity. (5 minutes)
Cuerdas (Strings) - This wonderful Spanish-language film won more than 2,050 cinema awards worldwide. It's a beautifully-told story of love, friendship, acceptance, and sustained kindness-in-action. This version has English subtitles, although you really don't need them to understand and feel the story. (11 minutes)
Au fil fe lage - Take a fun journey of cross-generational exploration and understanding, as an unusual grandma takes her granddaughter on the ride of her life. (6 minutes)
Gokurōsama - In this funny film, we follow a day's work that goes wonderfully awry when an elderly bento shop owner throws out her back and a young employee tries to help her. (7 minutes)
Snack Attack - A mutually-frustrating interaction between an older woman and the teenager sitting beside her on a train platform ends in an empathetic insight. (5 minutes)
Bloom - Sometimes the gifts of friendliness and kindness that help us get through hard times, also provide chances to pay it forward. (4 minutes)